Dr. Urmila's Training Centre

Dr. Urmila's Training Centre, a leader in advancing gynecological education and training since 2017. are Having affiliation with ICOG, a distinguished institution dedicated to promoting education, training, research, and the dissemination of knowledge in Gynecology, Reproductive Health, and related fields. Since 2023, this centre has partnered with Intuitive Surgicals as Proctors in Gynecologic Robotic Surgeries. Training design offers a comprehensive six-month Robotic Fellowship program, and is also recognized as a certified case observation center for Gynecologic Robotic Surgeries..

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Laparoscopic Surgery Training

Laparoscopic surgery has revolutionized gynecology, thanks to pioneers like Dr. Raoul Palmer, Dr. Kurt Semm, Dr. Maurice, Dr. Antoine Bruhat, and Dr. Harry Reich. This minimally invasive approach now encompasses all aspects of our specialty, offering significant benefits to both patients and practitioners.

Courses Offered

Comprehensive DaVinci technology training, including docking, intraoperative assistance, and simulation practices with skill drills

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10 Days Of Basic Endoscopy Training Programme

  • Gain foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in endoscopy techniques.
  • Suitable for beginners and healthcare professionals looking to expand their skills.
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3 Months Of Advanced Gynaec Laparoscopy Training

  • Comprehensive training in advanced laparoscopic techniques specific to gynecology.
  • Designed for experienced surgeons aiming to enhance their proficiency in minimally invasive surgery.
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6 Months Fellowship Programme in Gynaec Endoscopy

  • COG Certified Training Centre
  • Extensive training covering all aspects of gynecological endoscopy.
  • Ideal for practitioners seeking specialized expertise and certification in gynecological endoscopic procedures.
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6 Months Fellowship Programme in Robotic Gynaec Surgeries

  • Fellowship in Robotic Gynaec Surgeries Fellowship Certifications with Intuitive Surgicals (Internationally accredited)
  • Personalized one-on-one teaching with expert guidance
  • Opportunity to learn and assist in advanced gynaecology procedures
  • Perform 20 robotic surgeries on the console under Dr. Urmila's supervision

Providing Certification as Console Surgeon with Intuitive Surgicals

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